Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi 2 - More point and click puzzle fun from the upset apes

Monkeys Through the Decades

It seems you can't go five minutes browsing for games on the internet without running into a game that is at least inspired by monkeys, if not entirely based around them as central characters in the action. This seems to be a pattern regardless of genre, perhaps triggered all those years ago by legendary platformer Donkey Kong Country, continued by said game's successors, and persisting up until this present day with games like Banana Kong and Super Monkey run for the iPhone. The internet also has its fair share of flash-based monkey fun as well, one of the most popular titles of this ilk being the Monkey GO Happy series. A concept that would be hard to sell to 99% of developers out there, this series involves solving a bunch of point-and click puzzles in a variety of different contexts with the aim of cheering up various monkeys that are on the verge of tears. Monkey GO Happy Sci Fi 2 is a continuation of this long-running format, only with a futuristic twist.

Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi 2

Select Your Monkey and Get Solving

Whether you've played the Monkey GO Happy games before or not doesn't really matter in terms of the amount you will enjoy the game. This game is by its very format an easy-to-learn affair, being a point-and-click puzzle game that only requires you to utilise your mouse to click on various objects on the screen and utilise them in the way they were intended to be used so that you can solve the puzzles. As is the norm with this series, the puzzles are spread across multiple rooms and are therefore not as easy as to be lacking in entertainment value. The whole game is divided into stages, with each stage being a multi-room puzzle that you must navigate and solve in order to progress.

Navigating the environment is as simple as using your mouse to click on the directional arrows, the presence of which indicates that you can move in that particular direction in order to explore areas that lay beyond. Each puzzle usually involves gathering various items by clicking on them, and then using them either in the same room or rooms you have previously entered. The puzzles are complex enough to warrant quite a bit of thinking, with the solutions frequently requiring that you hop between rooms and view the multiple areas as one large puzzle split into smaller parts.

Direction and Purpose

Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi 2

Though the point-and-click format of the Monkey GO Happy series is effectively identical regardless of which game you play, the Sci-Fi series has definitely stepped the puzzles up a notch in terms of intricacy and difficulty. The puzzles themselves span multiple rooms and therefore require that you take each mystery as whole instead of having random, unrelated puzzles that are self contained and unrelated like in Monkey GO Happy Marathon. This cohesion makes for a much more challenging experience as well as one that has purpose and direction, effectively forming a small storyline. In this case, you begin on a spaceship and must assemble a turret in order to shoot down asteroid. After you've solved the first puzzle, you can touch down on the nearby planet and destroy enemies in order to access a large compound where you must then continue solving more puzzles over the different stages to finally rescue the miniature monkeys, who have been kidnapped as part of this game's storyline.

Hats and Eventual Happiness

Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi 2

There are also a few variations in the game's design and content which set it apart from its predecessors. Aside from obviously having new puzzles to get to grips with, the Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi denomination of Monkey GO Happy games has a more futuristic feel than the other games in Pencil Kids' saga. The inclusion of various pieces of futuristic/alien technology such as spaceships, the building/acquisition of laser guns, and robotic/alien-like enemies solidifies that game's Sci-Fi style as well as justifies the title of the game. Also, during the usual procedure of picking a hat for your own choice of monkey, you discover that you get to choose from a selection of bizarre futuristic-looking hats. This has no bearing on the gameplay of course, but it allows you some control over the look of your chosen protagonist. Monkey GO Happy Sci-Fi 2 may be a far cry from Donkey Kong, but its monkey-themed puzzle-solving fun will certainly keep you occupied and your brain satisfied for a reasonable amount of time.